The Power Of Sisterhood And What It Means


We all know that Strawberry Lips has its finger on the pulse when it comes to meaningful conversations around forging paths of success for women. And the one topic around empowerment and leadership that always seems to come up is how important sisterhood is for successful hustlers. It turns out, behind every successful woman is her circle of supportive girlfriends.

We asked our close, personal friends Strawberry Lips Ambassador Lady Amar, Ms Cosmo and TDK MaCassette (you know, we only roll with the best!) about their bond with their sistas and what sisterhood means to them. Grab the tissues, we’re bringing all the emotions.

When it comes to sisterhood, DJ and entrepreneur Lady Amar keeps it in the family! Her sis, actress Ntando Duma, and she are major #SiblingGoals as the two are inseparable. With my sister, Ntando, there is no way we don’t speak for longer than 45 min to an hour,” she laughs. “We are just so obsessed with each other.  Even if we are at work, we call or text throughout the day.”

While DJ and radio personality MsCosmo is fiercely protective of her girlfriends, saying that if she ever had to part with them, the message she would leave would be: “I love my girls, I love them forever and that energy will transcend. I will always be able to be in touch. If they ever need a home, wherever I’m going, they can definitely come crash on the couch.”

For the Durban gqom star, TDK MaCassette, being a woman in this cut-throat industry, the only way to deal with the stress of it all is surrounding herself with a fabulous team that will hold her up. “It’s who you surround yourself with. That support system will hype you up. In a nutshell, it is a fusion of family, friends, prayer and determination not to giving up that gets you through.” MsCosmo knows how that feels as a female DJ. “It’s very much a boys club.” When the industry gets too much, she leans on others. “I tap into different people in the industry and my support system to ask them for advice on ways forward and their opinions on certain things going on in my life or my goals that I am trying to achieve and take it from there.”

The Left, Right and Domoroza hitmaker, TDK MaCassette also knows that to survive in this industry you need to have fun with your girlfriends, which she does by sipping on something pink! “We do pyjama parties and just have a chilled night being indoors. If we’re going out, we would have great views and just enjoy life, cause life is too short. It is a matter of embracing life!” You know our girl knows how to throw a groove!

Lady Amar says it’s the same for her, when she’s feeling stressed, she calls the troops. “I invite my friends and my sister over and we’ll listen to music, have some chats and Strawberry Lips (naturally!), or travel!” We love it for you, honey!

When she needs to relax, MsCosmo enjoys chilled get-togethers with her squad. “My one friend is very keen on Sunday brunch, so she’ll do a Sunday cook up,” she explains. “We’ll all come over, she’ll do a full food spread and then we’ll catch up over a glass.”

On what sisterhood means, Lady Amar says it’s all about bringing women together. “To love, to inspire, empower and support one another.  When we inspire one another, we grow together and that’s sisterhood to me.” MsCosmo agrees saying, “Sisterhood is forever and something we can always count on.” And, TDK Macassette? Well, it’s all about being vulnerable – and getting help in awkward situations! “I tried to do a stretch and I couldn’t come up after,” she laughs. “At this moment, all my girls literally helped me up and for a week I couldn’t really walk.” But seriously though, she adds that sisterhood for her are the people she is not able to live without. “We motivate and strengthen one another, we’re there for each other and we love each other unconditionally.”

We think Jane Fonda said it best in her 2015 TED talk: “Women’s friendships are like a renewable source of power.”  When it comes to empowerment and friendship, Strawberry Lips always puts sisterhood first.

“We understand that sisterhood is upliftment, whether inspiration to create a successful brand, business or just a feeling of belonging and connection,” says Strawberry Lips Marketing Manager Vanessa Nel.

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