Inspirational Interview with Anelisa Tuswa

We are often intrigued by young South African women who are defying the odds everyday to build successful careers regardless of their background. Be ready to be inspired by the remarkable 26-year-old South African Broadcaster and Business reporter, Anelisa Tuswa who’s interview will feed the desire you have for success.

1. Why did you choose journalism as a career?

I still think journalism chose me. It was legit a calling for me, and I just answered my calling. I answered because I loved economics and I have always been good with numbers. And I had always been fascinated with TV news, Xhosa news to be exact. The older I got, and the more aligned I became, I wanted to do the kind of news that would be educational and would change lives. And there has been really no better form of news to do this, than economics and business news. My news sense remains township economies, so your small businesses and how they fit in into the main stream economy.

2. What qualities do Journalists need to succeed?

I think the qualities of a good journalist might vary from kinds of journalism one does (eg, sports , politics, business etc…). However, a good journalist is a well read, critical thinker and a curious person. You have to be curious!

3. How do you stay informed on the news and current events?

I am terrible at general news. So after a long day at work, busy with business news. I try and catch up with other news including sports and current affairs, mostly via social media or through radio.

4. How often do you use social media and which network do you use the most?

I’m very social. I think if I had to put hours to it i’d say 8 to 10 hours a day. Lol, I legit spend my days on Instagram and twitter, Mostly on twitter. But on my defense, its easy to follow news via twitter. So I use my social media platform for news catch-ups.

5. What do you like to read on your own time?

I am a autobiography person. I find people’s personal stories towards their final success inspirational.

6. What is your philosophy towards your work?

I think when it comes to me 9-5, my philosophy is ‘rather be correct, than to be first’. It’s really a principle of news, I’d rather get all my facts correct, than to run a story I do not understand or have no verified facts. But my overlay work ethic and philosophy is strive to be the best – at everything you do.

7. How do you define success and how do you measure it?

I think for me, success is personal. So achieving things that matter to you is success. And for me, comfort is success. Goal ticking is success. Once I know I am comfortable with putting something out for the world to see – then that’s success. Once I know, I live comfortable and my mom and siblings are comfortable–then I will be successful.

8. What inspires you every day?

Been blessed, my inspiration comes very close. My mother, I don’t know any resilient and hardworking women like her. She literally has a solution for every problem, and even at times when she didn’t. We (and the rest of the world) wouldn’t know, because, she would have taken care of it. I try and move towards or closer to her teachings.

9. How do you motivate others?

My motivation is keep going. But how do you gain strength to keep going? Being content and understanding the process, time and place you’re in. Once you’re content with yourself, I genuinely believe it’s easier to keep going. The world could critique or call you all sorts of names, you’ll face challenges but if you are content with your process and understand it… Its easier to keep going.

10. What were you like in High School?

I think socially, I was dull, not very fun and less than 4 friends. I don’t think many of my peers liked me. Academically, I think because I attended a township school, I had to be a push over and not take no for an answer. My teachers knew this and they loved it. In fact, I was a self-appointed class-rep at some stage so that I could be in charge of the noise makers. So you can imagine, how much of a nerd and annoying person I was.

11. Your favorite holiday destination is…

Weirdly enough, I don’t have one yet because I haven’t taken a holiday (a proper holiday) since my adult life. But would love to go to Bali one day.

12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I think 5 years is a very short space of time in the media space. So I’d definitely still be a business journalist, definitely gunning for a bigger platform. Maybe join an international news agency or get my own business show. But beyond that, I do think in 10 years time I will be in Academia. I love teaching.

13. What career advice do you have for young women today?

Be deliberate when it comes to your career. The first 5 years of your career after varsity are for growth. Don’t concern yourself too much about money, be worried about what you learn and get out of the job. Move around a bit, and be very unapologetic about your dedication and hard-work. Remember, if you working on building yourself, the universe somehow aligns with your plans.

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