5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals!


Our goals can often seem fleeting and unattainable, especially the ones we desire the most.  Our dreams can intimidate us when look at them in their full form along with all the intricate details involved in making them possible.  It all seems so overwhelming and impossible when we compare where we are in relation to where we need to be for the dream to fully manifest.  Sometimes this fear can be triggered by the thought of all the work it would take to get there, or perhaps what we think of ourselves in terms of being equipped with what it takes.

Here are five ways in which the mountain of your aspirations can be broken down into smaller manageable parts that will simultaneously appear less frightening, and motivate you to move forward based on how much easier each part will be if done one at a time in succession.  How do you eat an elephant?….  One bite at a time.



The act of writing your goals down, especially on paper has a powerful subconscious effect of creating some sort of pact between your conscious and subconscious mind. It’s as though writing the goal on paper is the first step of the goal transforming from thought to existence in the physical world.  Repeating this exercise often will not only keep your goals in mind but simplify what actually has to be done in point form, as opposed to being among your many jumbled and random thoughts, making it easier for you to navigate through them.



Visualization is the process of imagining your success with concentration and keen attention to detail. The image in your mind about your eventual success has to be so clear, that it feels tangeable.  Try to imagine as many details as possible associated to the goal.  Time of day, weather, touch, smell especially how you’ll be feeling when it happens are what you’ll be doing to make it happen, are all critically important ingredients in you successfully being able to visualize your success.  Do this as often as possible until it becomes a habit, and find yourself beginning to believe you’ve already won.


3-  FOCUS:

Your ability to focus also plays a very important role in whether or not your goals will be achieved. The enemy of focus has always been distraction.  Your ability to focus on anything is determined by how much attention you’re able to concentrate on one particular task or topic.  The elimination of as many distractions as possible between you and your goals will go a long way towards achieving them.  Distractions can present themselves in many forms, some obvious, some much more subtle and deceptive.  Take some time to list as many things in your life that may be a distraction to your focus and begin eliminating them with careful discretion.



This may not initially be that obvious, but your level of self-confidence also plays a big part in the achievement of your goals. This is because your belief in yourself will directly affect whether or not you’ll take the necessary steps to move forward with your plans for success.  In the absence of confidence, there is only fear, and fear will paralyse you with self-limiting beliefs about who you are and what you can do.  Changing those beliefs will change how you see yourself.  Boosting your confidence in your ability to succeed will accelerate the rate in which you take action towards your success.  Whenever you are faced with a difficult task, take some time to remember the last time you were faced with a challenge and overcame it.  Remember how you felt during that moment.  How you felt about yourself, and how you felt about what’s possible.  Regular mental exercises like that will eventually help change your subconscious beliefs about your abilities and therefore increase your self confidence.



As Napoleon Hill once sad, “Self Discipline is the master key in the achievement of all forms of success.” Simply put, discipline is your ability to do what you should do instead of what you want to do.  It’s the ability to follow through with your plans, even when you don’t want to, similar to going to the gym or going to work.  You do these things because you know they serve the greater good, despite how you feel about them.  Apply the same mentality to your goals and dreams.  Treat them like an essential part of your life that can’t be avoided, and your life will gradually transform into the life you’d rather live in the first place.  Adopting a regular exercise or gym routine is one of the great many ways through which you can improve your self-discipline, because the habits developed from that will naturally overlap into other areas of your life, like the achievement of your goals.

Our goals don’t have to seem like something we will always be dreaming of and never attaining, if we expand our understanding of what’s possible.  Changing your perception of your reality will change the reality itself.  Good Luck.

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