5 Genius Hacks That Make Your Beauty Products Last Longer

It’s somehow always the case that as soon as you think your makeup collection is complete, you have to buy more of a product that’s run out or replace products that are no longer up to par. While you may not ever be done replenishing your beauty supply, you can get more out of your products. We have found ways to make your beauty products last longer, here are a few tips:

-Extend the life of your foundation by adding face lotion to it and making a tinted moisturizer.

-Before throwing away an “empty” products that come in plastic tubes, cut them open and scrape out what’s left.

-Revive pressed powder with a strip of packaging tape. The oils from your skin harden the powder, so when that happens, press packaging tape against the compact powder to remove the hardened film on top. Your pressed powder will look just like new.

-Soak your mascara in a cup of warm water when you’re running low to loosen the product along the sides of the tube.

-Store your nail polishes, lipsticks, and perfumes in the refrigerator to extend their shelf life.

Hope these will help you.

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