10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Afro Popping

Growing an afro can be a whole lot of work and it can be really daunting. All it needs is dedication and love for hair, you also need to know what you are doing! But you don’t have to get frustrated because the good news is that you don’t have to worry about it… We have come up with ways in which you can grow it.

Here are 10 simple ways to keep your natural hair popping

1. Wash your hair

Don’t wash your hair too frequently, it can leave our hair dry and without protection which lead to breakage and damage. You should be washing your hair roughly once a week at the most although many people wash it once or twice in a week. Moisture is key for our hair to grow.

2. Use oil

There are plenty of oils for natural hair growth including coconut oil and castor oil. many people recommend it! Everyone is different but some people live by one of these or even both. They are great for locking in moisture after washing and conditioning.  You can even use your favourite leave in conditioner afterwards depending on how moisturised your hair is feeling

3. Go for protective styles

We love natural hair and we know there are different types of people who are open to wear their own hair, others are open to braids and weaves and will never chemically treat their own hair.

Protective styles make sure your hair isn’t easily damaged by extreme temperatures which can cause hair loss and loss of moisture. We all know natural hair is beautiful and we can be tempted to wear it out all the time. Depending on the climate how well you look after your hair, this could be a bad thing. We recommend finding protective styles that look good so can be worn out and do the job. They also can make it easier to wrap up and wear a hat if it gets cold or rains. A benefit of some protective styles is that they can lock in the moisture so when you take them out you feel beautiful silky hair. Leah spoke about her hairstyles in her interview.

 4. Condition your hair

Deep conditioning is important to replace any lost nutrients from our hair. Hair is absorbent and after a wash with no product applied yet is the perfect time for a deep condition. Many people use home made products for this and base them around a main protein ingredient. This is because there is nothing sealing/ blocking the absorption of nutrients.

 5. Try homemade products

Some people use home made products and they love them cause they actually works!. With homemade products we can rest assured that there is nothing but whatever we choose to include, It can be daunting but it is a good opportunity to experiment and find out what your hair likes. Retailers brought products that contain natural products but also have manmade chemicals that keep the ingredients from separating and to make them look pretty so we buy them.

6. Comb your hair carefully

It’s probable that while your hair is dry, you’re combing as quickly as possible while gripping hold of the roots to avoid pain. When you come in, make sure your hair is well-moisturized. Detangling moisturized hair and reducing self-inflicted damage is much easier. The truth is that growing hair does not have to be painful. It’s not always necessary to get wet, but if your curls are really tight, it’s a good idea to get them damp.

7. Eat Right

A good balanced diet has many advantages, not simply beautiful hair. This is a fantastic place to start; yet, because our diets are such an important aspect of our lives, it can be the most hardest to implement. Try to be truthful with yourself and eliminate anything that may be causing you damage. Do some study and look for products that can assist you.

8. Avoid Heat

If you can, wait until your hair is in better shape before using heat to dry or style it. To avoid further damage, use a heat protectant, keep temps moderate, and use a blow dryer with a comb attachment if you’re going to use heat.

9. Use Hair Growth-Promoting Nourishing Products

Certain components in hair products have been shown to impede hair growth. SLS, SLES, paraben, and silicone-free shampoos and conditioners are recommended by Dorsey. He continues, “These things generate buildup on the hair by weighing it down and preventing it from growing to its full potential.” Instead, he suggests getting the Oribe shampoo and conditioner listed below.

10. Take care of your edges

Some of us find edges to be quite aggravating, while others find that their edge hair is as strong as the rest of their head. Because they are immediately on the hair line and are the first line of defense, edges can be easily damaged. Make sure you don’t forget about your edges when styling your hair. You can apply a little more styling gel or moisturise than the rest of your hair.


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