10 Steps To Finding Your Happy Place

Because many of us live in emotional and vibrational discord to the reality we want, sadly we never find our happy place. Your happy place is subjective. It is a place that makes your mind smile, calm down, and feel positive. It is a place that is safe, secure, and problem free.” It’s not a waste of time.

Here are some tips for finding that special place that makes you happy in the world:

1. Recall places where you’ve appreciated the sounds

Birds chirping, a brook babbling, beautiful music, people’s voices.

2. Summon up the places where you’ve enjoyed visual images

An open view of the sky or sea, pleasing colors and shapes, inspiring art or architecture.

3. Choose a place where you can experience the elements that contribute to happiness

Exercise, social contact with happy people, creative flow, laughter. Your happy place, says Nancy, may also be a “low-stimulation environment with little of the above. Quiet stillness can offer a feeling of being at peace that can last for a long time.”

4. Remember where you were when you experienced deep contentment and meaning

It could be the playground where you took your children when they were young; the animal shelter or food pantry where you volunteer; the café where you met your future spouse.

5. Stay open-minded

Studies in the Journal of Environmental Psychology show that spending just 20 minutes in nature boosts vitality levels significantly. Others may prefer a favorite spa, an indoor Zen retreat with candles and soothing music or a kitchenware store filled with gleaming pots and exotic ingredients.

6. Set a big goal or plan for the year — or years — ahead

Let this be the year you dream and plan big. Even if finances and time constraints seem to be an issue today, go ahead and put plans in motion for something big to happen in the upcoming years.

7. Write a letter to your former self

Oh, the wisdom you’ve gained over the years! Take the time to share that wisdom with your former self, reminding her that there are several things that will turn out better than she thought.

8. Travel to someplace new

There are most likely multiple excursions within an hour or two of your home where you can find some relaxation, rejuvenation or just a new and refreshing experience.

9. Surround yourself with beauty

You’ll find it to be a refreshing break from your usual backdrop of dirty dishes or scattered kids’ toys. Make it a point to take a moment to bask in a space that brings you some peace and inspiration.

10. Check something off of your bucket list. Anything!

There may be some things on your bucket list that simply aren’t going to be feasible this year. However, now is as good a time as any to learn a second language, take part in a stage production or those bucket list tasks you’ve been putting off for whatever reason.

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