How To Rock A Fade Haircut Just Like Nandi Madida

How To Rock A Fade Haircut Just Like Nandi Madida! We absolutely love Nandi Madida for her unique sense of style and always embracing being an African Queen. If you are seeking more versatility with your afro, Nandi is definitely the one to follow. Looking for fresh fade haircut ideas? Try a high fade like the one Nandi Madida always rocks.

Check out tthe following tips on how to rock the fade haircut just like Nandi Madida…

The Fade Cut is easy to do and easier to maintain. The hair at the sides and back is cut close with clippers, and the hair “fades” to the top, which is usually kept short.

  • 1Moisten the hair with water and comb through it.
  • 2Using your Wahl clipper, attach the number 2 guide comb and then begin around the ears, moving towards the back of the head, using an upward, rocking motion. To get a tighter taper around the ears, pull the skin taut while cutting.
  • 3Once you’ve taken care of the sides and back, put on the number 4 guide comb and focus on the top of the head, using a front-to-back, rocking motion as you move the clipper across the top of the head.
  • 4Detailing makes all the difference with the Fade. Use the rocking motion or inverted clipper technique. And when it comes to the cowlick, make sure you cut in the opposite direction of the growth.
  • 5The Fade is a polished look but some still like to add styling product at the end to finish it off.


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