Vuyo Ngcukana Joins Forces with Major Bank To Help Struggling Students

Vuyo Ngcukana And Standard Bank Work Together To Help Underprivileged Schools


With the global pandemic of Covid-19 continuing to make its presence felt by poorer communities, 3 weeks into the new academic year, Veteran actor Vuyo Ngukana has taken it upon himself to take action against adversity.


Vuyo has been wanting to do something about the problem for some time and has finally managed to partner with an organization that’s both willing and capable to take on the challenge.

Ngcukana has teamed up with Standard Bank in an initiative that aims to provide pupils with various amenities that are easily taken for granted, but out of reach for the under privileged children.  The movement was kicked off by Vuyo visiting Ennerdale Primary School and donated stationary packs for the young students.


The campaign is also geared to assist 100 pupils with new school shoes as well as other essential necessities to ease their academic journey through 2021.  Vuyo expressed his dedication towards the initiative when he made the following comment: “I have a passion and an interest for early child development.  Education is one thing that I know can change a person’s life for good.  The earlier that happens the better the chances we have at giving our children a bright future.”

Ngcukana continued to mention that he chose Ennerdale Primary because he once lived in the neighbourhood and has a nephew that attends the school, which brought the challenges they face to his attention.  The accomplished “The Queen” actor serves as a noble example of important unity and compassion are during a time when the world could not be more divided.

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