The Biggest Pros & Cons Of Moving In With Your Partner Before Marriage

Cohabitation can become the norm. Statistics appear to show that the longer a couple live together, the less likely they are to marry.. Research shows that nearly half of all couples decide to cohabit before they enter wedlock. Of those living together, 40 percent will go on to marry within three years. Out of those who do marry, 27 percent will have divorced within five years of tying the knot.

There are certainly pros and cons when it comes to living together before marriage. we have listed the main ones below.

Pros of Living Together Before Marriage

  • Sharing the financial burdens is much easier with two of you in a household. Splitting the rent and living costs like energy bills makes life more affordable. Plus saving for that down payment on a house or car suddenly seems much more attainable.
  • Living together can provide a trial run for marriage. You can discover how your other half lives, their habits, expectations, and quirks. You can also gauge how well you both cope together with the practicalities of things like cooking, cleaning, home maintenance, and sharing responsibilities. At the end of the day, it is easier to walk away from a failed relationship, than a failed marriage.
  • Your sex life and romantic patterns will be more like marriage when you are living together. You may have more fun together when you are under the same roof.
  • Sharing everything can be fun. If you don’t enjoy it when you are living together, you won’t enjoy it when you’re married.

Cons of Living Together Before Marriage

  • Living together might dull the excitement regarding marriage.
  • Financial issues can destroy a relationship if not discussed and worked out in advance. Once you live together, your financial responsibilities quickly become intertwined. Talking about money can be difficult, but it is essential in this situation. People’s expectations about lifestyle, budgets, financial ethics, can all cause tensions, and it is generally unrealistic to think that you can work it out as you go along.
  • Achieving a good balance between seeing each other too much or too little is also a good thing to strive for. When you are dating, you can choose to spend quality time together, but when you live together, it is easy to either neglect to allot times when you just hang out and enjoy each other’s company. Likewise, you can also spend too much time with each other and get on each other’s nerves. A balance needs to be struck.
  • The other extreme is that tensions develop and heated arguments are the result. There is nowhere to escape to when you live together, you can’t just go home to avoid an uncomfortable situation.
  • Marriage begins with each member of the couple swearing vows to each other regarding sacrifice and loyalty. These vows are meant to create a particular mindset and culture. Those vows are absent when couples just move in together.
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