Sizwe Dhlomo Goes On A Twitter Rant Against AKA

Sizwe Dhlomo Goes On A Twitter Rant Against AKA.

If South Africans didn’t already know what Sizwe Dhlomo thinks about rapper AKA — they probably know it now.

Sizwe unleashed many tweets last night into on a range of topics, but mainly firing shots at AKA on what he said.

It all began after AKA’s tweet where he was making fun of Sizwe’s dress code.

Then Sizwe threatened to f**k up AKA for the comment.

“Riding tractors & calling people “ninjas” while wearing bootled cut jeans . I’m dead.”- AKA wrote.

Files were even opened exposing AKA that his bills are usually paid by his girlfriends. Its rough out here!

Sizwe doesn’t play at all.

Casspers name was also dragged in between.

Then he also went on a rant to silence his haters.

Cassper is planning on settling things with AKA once and for all. Here’s how he is going to go about it.

AKA has since kept mum following Sizwe’s rant.

Then they’ll say women have the most drama. LOL!

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