Nomuzi Mabena’s Car Accident Was Basically A Public Stunt!

Nomuzi Mabena’s Car Accident Was Basically A Public Stunt!

Late last night, Nomuzi Mabena appeared to have been involved in car crash while on Insta live. Popularly known as Moozlie, Mabena was announcing that her record label would be signing new artists in the video when all of sudden she hit something and a cracked windscreen is seen. The car crash has left many of us scratching heads and fans want to know whether the rapper was dead or alive.

However, after so much worrying, TV personality and musician Nomuzi Mabena has confirmed through a media statement that the purported car crash, which caused chaos on social media was part of a publicity stunt.

Through the statement issued on Friday afternoon Nomuzi explained the video was part of a campaign for Volkswagen and Drive Dry to bring awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving.

“We wanted to spark a dialogue between South Africans on how we condone and respond to people that choose to drink and drive, especially among the youth. We hope to inspire as many drivers as possible to make this change.”

Mabena said she never intended to cause distress.

“Our intention was never to distress any fans, friends or family. For just these few hours for people to pause and think what if this was the reality. I give my all to my fans and I had to do something to get people to sit up and notice. We were willing to risk it all to drive home this critical message. If this saves one life, then we were successful and I would do it again.”

Nomuzi also shared a video of herself making the video and explained that no one was harmed in the “crash”.

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