Multiple South African Celebrities React To ENCA’s Allegedly Racist Mask Video

Lerato Kganyago, Anele Mdoda, and Babalwa Mneno, just to name a few, are among many South African Celebrities that are outraged at the seemingly blatant display of racism exhibited by ENCA journalist Lindsay Detlinger when she covered the national 2021 budget speech.

“Lerato Kganyaga”


Detlinger can be clearly seen going out of her way to insist that the black politicians she interviewed, keep their masks on, claiming to act out of respect for Covid-19 rules, while simultaneously allowing the white interviewees to be interviewed without masks on.

“Lindsay Detrlinger”


The video that illustrates this went viral shortly after it was uploaded


The events witnessed in the video made many South Africans’ blood boil as the act of racial discrimination appears all too obvious even to the untrained eye.

Many Twitter users have also flocked online to call out the ENCA for allowing such behaviour on live national television without any reprimand or apology, prompting many of the local celebrities that caught wind of this to take to their social media time lines as an outlet for activism against such injustice.

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