More Proof That Boity and Maps Are An Item!

More Proof That Boity Thulo and Maps Maponyane Are An Item.

It’s no secret Boity Thulo and Maps Maponyane have been spending more time together and if that’s anything to go by, the pair might as well consider becoming an item.

The pair insists that they’re just ‘friends,’ but Maps seems obsessed with Boity, and we are not buying it.” The ‘Own Your Throne’ reality star and Television presenter might be keeping their love affair secret but this time around we are definitely convinced that they are an item and there’s no other way. All thanks to Maps’ mom though, who  just made things simple for all of us and if you were still wondering whether the “so called buddies” are lovers you might just be right!

In a recent tweet posted by 30-year-old Maps on twitter, his mom expresses how much she loves Boity, after receiving a personalized gift from the rapper and reality TV show star. Maps’ mom proudly called Boity “Ngwetsi Yaka ( meaning My Makoti). Do you need more proof! I mean seriously!

30-year-old Boity herself even responded affectionately to the tweet.


So Maps’ mom has blessed the couple. Can Boity and Maps just come out publicly as a couple already?


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