KG Moeketsi Speaks Out On ‘Social Media Influencers’ Not Being Radio Material



SA FM radio presenter and DJ, KG Moeketsi took to twitter recently and expressed her thoughts on social media influencers that are transitioning to the radio media-space.

KG was quite adamant and passionate about the differences in skillset that are required for both industries.  She went to say that the trends and production style present on social media does not translate as a talent that would make an influencer competent and relevant behind the microphone.

KG Moeketsi’s tweet was met with a lot of response from followers and fans alike, who shared their own views about the topic, and with many of them agreeing with KG.

Below is the tweet that KG shared with her followers:


The entertainment industry certainly has changed with the advent of the internet and its growing influence in mainstream society and culture.  Television networks, broadcasters and even film studios are a lot more connected now to their clientele than they ever have been, and the barriers from fan influence in big decision-making are beginning to fade more and more.

Social media influencers transitioning into radio is just one example of the general evolution of media that’s currently taking place, and it’s a change that’s going to take a while for everyone involved to process.

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