Hulisani Is Tired Of Being Bullied About Her Frickles!

While you were busy sipping your tea and minding your own business, other people thought it would be okay to make fun and humiliate other kids on Twitter.

We all know that Twitter is one app that does not hold back when it comes to people’s feelings, but in all honesty somethings are truly unnecessary.

A young man by the name of Blumenthal went on Twitter and posted a picture of the young Hulisane Ravele, toast bread and a banana with a caption “Who would win?”

Twitter followers were not pleased with the young man and told him where to get off.

Hulisane commented by saying “you are a vile human being. Your sheer ignorance and disregard of the emotional and self-esteem ramifications. Worse, you are a father to a daughter. May she never be ridiculed and experience what you did here.”

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