Check Out Michelle Mosalakae On Her Last Day On The Queen Set

Check Out Michelle Mosalakae On Her Last Day On The Queen Set.

Fans of the show will still have to wait to learn what that special send-off is, but they can at least get an idea of what Michelle Mosalakae’s last day on set was like. The actress shared behind-the-scenes photos and videos of her final episode, taking pictures with co-stars Themba Ndaba and Loyiso Macdonald.

The actress has played Kamina since the beginning and she recently filmed her last day on set, which she has shared with her fans.

The photos are definitely nothing spoilery, but they are heartwarming, especially for longtime fans. Even Michelle can’t help getting weepy.

Thankful for the opportunity she received of being part of The Queen cast, Michelle wrote the following on one of her posts:

” I’m going to kick this off by saying; There is something indescribable about the power of prayer. Everything I have in my life I have asked for and prayed for including this role . I serve a living God who has never forsaken me. I am because of His Grace and I pray my life continues to be testimony of His strength and power. “

“My job here is done! Suid Afrika you can all finally take a deep breath, all is well in Khozaland 😂 No more high blood pressure and heart palpitations from Kamina 🙄😖 but I’ve got to say that I’ve learned an enormous amount from Kamina; mainly never to judge anyone’s actions without truly understanding what options were available to them and under what kind of circumstances they had to make certain choices.”

“She’s definitely one of the most COMPLEX characters (to put it gently) that I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. I am so grateful to have been able to intensify my craft through this role. A role that had very little to do with aesthetic, and more so about needing me become vulnerable almost naked as a human being in order to give my all in each and every performance so that Kamina could be as convincing as possible.I understand now more than ever through this character preparation process that everyone has good and bad in them. We are so nuanced and how we deal with our pain will always vary.”

“Thank you to every single person I worked with on screen and off screen you’ve made me so proud to be an actor and tell stories fearlessly, throwing absolutely everything I have into making the character believable. Thank you to ALL THE ACTORS I got to work with too – you’ve all been so integral in my growth! I’ve learned a lot but I still have SO MUCH more to learn and I cannot wait!”

“A gigantic thank you once again to the Ferguson’s from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to bring this character to life. It’s been a wild and emotional ride that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you Mzansi for showing Kamina so much …uhm …. emotion? 😂. That is it from me and Kamzo/Khalamina! Remember kids – your gut feeling is there for a reason – listen to it !! #thequeenmzansi #actor

Watch the videos she shared below:

She also gave a speech…


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I could barely think straight when I gave this thank you speech. I had sand inside my nostrils and ears and eyes 😂😂😂 but it was all worth it in the end. Thank you Darren Kelfkens for your kind and encouraging words. I’ve learned just how NB directors are through you. And how NB a conducive working environment is for just about any professional. So thank you again to everyone I had the pleasure of working with on and off/screen. You know, a director who understands how important it is to facilitate the process of humanising a character is so vital and I thank Darren for always pushing me to dig deep with this role and tap into every little detail when performing. I am also SO grateful for the other directors which I had the privilege of working with on the show (Andries and Sbu). You’ve all taught me something different and extremely valuable that I’ll always apply moving forward as an actor and hopefully even as a director one day! What an extraordinary team! #thequeenmzansi #kamina #actor

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We will definitely miss Kamina on The Queen.

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