Boity Speaks Up Against Euphonik!


South African Rapper and Television sensation Boity Thulo recently ended her long silence regarding Euphonik and the allegations of Sexual abuse that he and DJ Fresh are currently facing.

According to a Tweet by a user known as “Born Ntate”, Boity apparently called Euphonik out on the flippent attitude that he seems to be exhibiting about the sexual abuse charges that were recently dropped against him, on twitter.

Euphonik’s comment on Boity’s tweet only serves to add credence to Boity’s claims as the response contains “laughing emoji’s” which would suggest the DJ is completely unphased by her impassioned words.

GBV activism is on the rise in this day and age, and is not a topic to be taken lightly given the trauma that this particular behavior inflicts on those who have not only experienced it, but have received no closure or justice on the matter.  Circumstances like these tend to have to lasting effects on the victims which negatively alter the course of their lives for ever.

Boity and others like her are no longer standing idly by, in the hopes that this trend will eventually change and more potential victims will be saved through greater awareness of this massive social injustice.  Having such a sensitive issue treated with Parody as Euphonik appears to be doing is sure to ruffel many feathers across the industry and possibly the world as a whole.

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