Boity Beaten Up Heavily And Now Needs Plastic Surgery

Boity Beaten Up Heavily And Now Needs Plastic Surgery.

While you were out and about enjoying your weekend, Boity Thulo was all over the news as Mzansi learnt that she was assaulted by former television presenter, Bujy Bikwa.

Reports tell of an argument between media personalties, Boity and Bujy that ended with the Ba kae hitmaker being attacked.

Bujy Bikwa, former Metro FM deejay, was due in court on Friday after allegedly throwing bottle of alcohol at media personality Boity Thulo, cutting her face during an argument at hotel on Thursday evening.

Boity recounted what had happened to her, and posted on her social media networks claiming “that she was physically assaulted and that she has opened a case against the culprit”.

Thulo allegedly sustained serious injuries and had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance for treatment. Apparently, she will need to do a plastic surgery to fix the demages.

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