AKA Apparently Engages New Girl With Zinhle’s Engagement Ring?


Controvesy has erupted since news of South African Rap star AKA recycling an engagement ring for the new future Mrs Forbes

Social media time lines have fallen to chaos as premarital scandal fills the air.  Reports have surfaced of a picture containing the exact same engagement ring that was recently offered to Nelli Tembe, on someone else’s ring finger from AKA’s past social media engagements.

Various individuals on social media seem to be suggesting that the ring itself was originally bought for DJ Zinhle back when her and AKA were an item on the verge of marriage.  It would now seem according to many suggestions that this ring has now found its way onto Nelli’s hand.

A twitter user by the name of MrSarcasticInSA shared the following comment on a post from last night:

It is unclear whether these reports are true or not, but a lot of chatter has been stirred up regardless because of it, resulting in more fan-theory speculation than in a Comic-Con ticketline.

Trying to enter into or maintain a relationship while being in the public eye has always been a challenge for celebrities of all kinds.  Let’s hope this level of public scrutiny and society’s love of scandal isn’t enough to derail the young couple.

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