8 Easy Ways To Save Money

We in an economic decline and it is reported we could be headed for another economic recession. So it is fitting that we tighten our belts even more and live within our means more.

The days of living large and splurging could cost one in the longer run than saving. Jobs are scarce and there are more retrenchments than ever before.

I was recently speaking to a friend and they were educating me about the importance of managing finances and saving as much as you can so that no matter what happens in the future, one knows they are secure and have something in the bank for rainy days or emergencies.

He suggested I read a book called Courage to be rich by Suzy Orman. Many might recall her name because she used to come onto Oprah Winfrey’s show back then. But one was very young and wasn’t really bothered about finances then. How I wish I could turn back the hands of time.

Right now that book could help each and everyone of us. The richest people are said to be very frugal with their money even Queen B* Bonang Matheba herself and she is raking it in with buckets but still collects her change at a restaurant as we saw on her reality show. 101 quick lesson on valuing every cent. On that note here are some tips to save a rand here and there:

• Eating out less and cooking at home.
• Buying in bulk.
• Comparing prices when shopping.
• Using the loyalty cards offered in stores.
• Buying what you need.
• Providing the service of a lift club or    buying a fuel efficient vehicle.
• Looking out for sales.
• Using less electricity and water as much as possible and buying energy efficient appliances.

Written by Onawanda Mpanza

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