10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

Top 10 Mistakes Women Make In Relationships! It’s a fact…. Men and women are equally responsible for maintaining healthy relationships. Although we all make mistakes in our relationships, there are certain things women can do to make their boyfriends or husbands happy, and there are things they should avoid.

So here they are, the 10 biggest relationship mistakes women make, in no particular order:

#1 Being overly needy. This is one of the single greatest mistakes that women make in relationships. Men are looking for romantic partners, not clients for a psychotherapy practice. So if you find yourself trying to get your boyfriend or partner to solve all of your emotional problems, this can definitely be an issue.

Sometimes, the emotions just start flying when you enter a relationship. Especially if your boyfriend is emotionally stable – you might see the relationship as an opportunity to heal some of your issues from your past. While healthy relationships definitely do involve emotional support, your boyfriend most likely does not want to become your therapist.

#2 Not giving him his space. Some women tend to forget that they’re individuals first and a couple later, they confine themselves to the boundaries of the relationship and expect their man to do the same. They become clingy and needy, not leaving their man personal space. Let him hang out with his friends, or spend time on his hobbies, don’t invade his me time. Trying to glue yourself to him will choke him and he’ll start missing his single life. Also, this is a common internet joke that when a man is in his ‘nothing box’ women constantly keep nudging at him trying to figure out what he’s thinking, accept that a man can apparently look like he is deep in thought yet have nothing but a song playing in his head.

#3 Being too sarcastic. Sarcasm can often provide humor and comic relief, but too much of it, or inappropriate use of it, can make your boyfriend feel insecure. If you are constantly using sarcasm, your boyfriend might be getting the impression that you don’t actually like him enough, or that you can’t be genuine.

#4 Being passive aggressive. Nothing drives men crazier than a woman being passive aggressive, when you clearly look upset but say ‘nothing’ when he asks what’s wrong. Don’t just say nothing and then continue being sad and weird expecting him to force you into telling him, this will only annoy him because men are more straightforward by nature and it just pisses them off when women act all dramatic about things. If it’s something he did then don’t go for the silent treatment, tell him what’s bothering you, have a discussion about it and if it’s something outside the relationship then let him help you by being your support.

#5 Being unreliable. If you tell your boyfriend that you are going to meet him for a date at seven thirty, but don’t show up until an hour later, this is going to bother him. Besides the fact that you are wasting his time, it’s a metaphor for other things in your life.

Being unreliable about timing can translate to being unreliable about other things, like your job, or your bills, or other important things. If you are constantly proving yourself to be unreliable, it could definitely be putting strain on your relationship, and might be causing your boyfriend to rethink the whole thing.

#6 Not taking care of yourself. It is a common practice by women, once they are in a long term relationship and they feel secure that the man is in it for the long run especially after marriage and kids, they let themselves go and feel there’s no need to shave your legs, work out, wear nice outfits or look good just for your man, like you used to do in the beginning. Women defend this point by saying he should love me at my worst, for my natural look etc but hey, nobody’s asking you to look like Barbie 24/7 all that is being asked is to at least look clean, smell nice, be healthy… just be presentable. Remember, now that the relationship has been going on for quite some time it is more important to keep things feeling ‘sexy’ and refreshing.

#7. Trying to change him. During the dating period of a relationship many women spot flaws in their guy or things that they just dislike, but they continue to take the relationship forward thinking they’ll change these things. This is the most common mistake women make, thinking you can change his love for golf to football, this will never work, he’ll continue loving golf and you’ll continue getting annoyed by his preference. It is very important to love him for him, if your man is a quiet one don’t expect him to turn into a social guy after you have ‘worked’ on him. This will only create problems between you two.

#8 Poor communication. Poor communication can be a very significant mistake for women in relationships. Problems inevitably arise when two people become a couple. These problems can be extremely varied in their nature. It could be as simple as forgetting to pick up some oranges at the grocery store, or as complex as not being able to read subtle hints of body language.

#9. Getting insanely jealous. A little jealousy is okay but if you flip out every time there is a woman in his vicinity then you’re making a mistake. It is natural for men to check out other women, as long as it’s just a fleeing look there is no need to get angry about it. Men love women who are confident and secure so don’t be a jealous, insecure, possessive girlfriend. This will make him think you don’t trust him, cause fights and bitterness. If you give him a happy, well-balanced relationship you’ll never be insecure about it. Don’t let jealousy kill your relationship.

#10. Making the relationship your ultimate source of happiness. Women need to understand that relationship is a part of their life and not their entire life. Nothing suffocates a man more than a woman who relies on him for everything, has nothing going on for herself and is extremely needy. Some women cut off their friends and family as soon as they get into a relationship or meet them rarely, making their man the focus of their lives, thinking this will make your man happy, it won’t. Have a hobby, some passion, hang out with your friends and family, have a positive glow.. don’t be boring.


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