Dj Zinhle Reveals What Helped Her Deal With Her Break-Up With AKA

Successful Dj and Entrepreneur, Zinhle Jiyane has revealed the one thing that helped her deal with her break-up with AKA. In yesterday’s interview with Azani on The Real Talk, Dj Zinhle bared her soul out after a tough time having to deal with the break-up.

Dj Zinhle set the record straight, explaining that she and AKA are in a “good space”. “Kiernan (AKA’s real name) and I are at a good stage and space in our lives. He’s very supportive and a good dad’- she said. “AKA is a “cool dad but he’s very strict”- she added.

During the interview, Dj Zinhle said one of the things that helped to deal with her break-up was when she was reminded that she has a lot to live for.

” When Kairo was 2 months, I wanted to tell her daddy is gone but she told me to look around. At all the things that i have”- she told Azania.

Zinhle has come a long way, with her successful career on-lock, the 34-year-old has also co-written with leadership coach Nokubonga Mbanga were viewers were encouraged to send their questions. One of the first question was about “how do you forgive someone who has wronged you”.

“Forgives starts with you…you need to forgive yourself first. And also forgive people without them asking for an apology, so that you can move on to a better space. Forgiveness is about you, your own progress, your own healing, it’s not about the next person…forgiveness is a gift to self”.



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