Busiswa Claps Back At Fans For Bullying Lady Zamar

We sometimes judge our artist like they too are not human. We expect them to be flawless but yet we are not perfect. It is all good and nice when you sitting on your bed, writing rude, mean comments on artist’s statuses or walls just because of one small mistake.

A few months ago Lady Zamar was being dragged for the way she looked when she performed on Idols SA. This Sunday she returned on Idols and once again she got dragged for the way she was judging at the auditions in Johannesburg. People where complaining about the way she was speaking English. Fans will always find something small to use to drag an artist down.

Lady Zamar laughed off all the hate comments and shared some love for fans that support her all the way. Here are some comments posted by fans:

“Joana Langa@JoanaLanga1

Replying to @IdolsSA@Lady_ZamarShe is a bore don’t bring her back! We doing just fine with@Somizi@Randall_idolsSA and Unathi. Don’t need this unnecessary drama by Beyonce wannabes!”

Busiswa went on social media and give these fans a piece of her mind, telling them that they need to back off Lady Zamar.

“I just need the trolls to leave lazy Zamar alone. I might blow a gasket over all this but right now I am asking nicely. Please leave that queen alone. Hatters, you are doing entirely too much. Yes, you with the fashion opinion but wearing eye liner on your lip. Just stop.”

It is nice to know that the female artists are looking out for each other.

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