Zoleka Mandela Shares Her Victory Over Alcohol And Drug Addiction

Zoleka Mandela Shares Her Victory Over Alcohol And Drug Addiction! The granddaughter of South Africa anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela used to be one of the most prolific drug users when she was young. However, due to the need for change and determination, the writer and activist was able to give up the habit.

37-year-old Zoleka recently turned to Instagram to post a photo of her younger self at the time she was struggling with substance abuse. She then wrote an inspiring message to her fans as she detailed her victory over drugs and alcohol abuse. Have a read below…..

“This is a picture of what I looked like back in April 2010, I wasn’t sober and I was probably high. I looked a hot mess!!! 😂 I think I had just turned 30. I celebrate a few milestones this year – I graduate on the 8th of March having dropped out of varsity due to my alcohol (17yr addiction) and cocaine (10yr) addiction, turn 38 on the 9th of April (I didn’t think I’d live to see 30, I actually didn’t want to) and I celebrate my 8th year of sobriety in August 2018!!! This was 8 years ago …

Zoleka Mandela has struggled with and overcome substance abuse. We salute her!

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