YOH! Bonang Goes After Pearl Thusi On Twitter

It’s a War! Bonang Goes After Pearl Thusi On Twitter. Bonang is going after Pearl Thusi on Twitter, and fans are so impressed.

Yesterday morning, actress and TV presenter Pearl Thusi sent out a tweet reminding her fans that haters will always exist. Her exact words were, ” Haters are part of the game. That’s a rule you can’t change.”.

Then things got much more tense when Bonang who’s not a fan of Thusi agreed to the tweet writing, ” Always remember kids. (with a heart)”, and Twitter users immediately went crazy.

Whilst many fans were still confused as to what is happening, other twitters loved Bonang’s savage clapback.

It is believed that Bonang’s clapback at the Behind The Story presenter was prompted by Pearl Thusi’s recent interview with AKA. The interview proved even further that Mama Phanter hates Queen B.

In case you din’t know , Queen B and Mama Panther don’t like each other and they never did for the past six years. They completely hate each other and they don’t even pretend.

Hmmm, Bonang is indeed the queen of classy clapbacks.

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