Want To Have A Gorgeous Body Like Ntando Duma?

The secret to her shape is being lean, yet curvy. Ntando Duma never looks flabby, but she also never looks like she’ll be entering a bodybuilding competition anytime soon, so the trick is to find that exercise and diet regime to keep your body looking feminine, but still fit. You will also find some tips that will work for girls who aren’t naturally curvy, and need to gain some weight in order to get a perk booty and that coveted waist-to-hips ratio.

Ntando has a great body and looks good in anything. She has a sexy side to her as she loves to show off her skin.

If you want to feel sexier about yourself, be able to go to the beach, or to the pool, and feel confident in a bikini. If you want to have your spouse look at you as sexy again, or look at yourself as the fit woman you used to be…

Here’s How to Get a Leaner Body and tighter body kije Ntando Duma…

  1. Do higher intensity workouts to burn more fat. High-intensity interval training is a great way to burn body fat in a short period of time. Is it easy? No. But is it effective? Yes.
    1. If you are healthy enough for vigorous physical activity, set up a high-intensity workout and add it to your schedule this week. As your level of fitness improves, try to add another session (2 total) to your weekly routine.
  2. Add strength training to your schedule. No, you don’t need to become a bodybuilder to build strength. But when you created your balanced workout program last week, you should have incorporated at least 2-3 days of strength training activities to build lean, tight muscle. If you haven’t done that yet, now is the time to make it a priority. Do a popular online workout or use a simple home strength training workout that uses body weight to get results.
  3. Learn to make a healthy smoothie. After you complete your workout, be sure that you refuel effectively. A smoothie is a great way to do that, as long as you keep the calorie count in check. You can make a super-healthy smoothie with the equipment you have in your kitchen.
  1. Eat the right amount of protein. You need protein to build strong muscles and repair the damage you do during your workouts. But if you eat too much, you’ll gain weight. Make sure you eat the right amount of proteineach day. Then learn to include protein at every meal so that you stay full and satisfied throughout the day.  Remember to do your weekly meal planning, so that you always have protein-rich snacks available too.
  2. Eat more fish. Why fish? Because several types of fish contain healthy doses of omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to good heart health. In addition, you can cut calories if you eat fish once or twice a week instead of higher fat sources of protein, like beef. Grill a tuna filet, broil a salmon steak or add fish to your salad to incorporate more fish into your diet.

Don’t forget to keep tracking your food intake and activity level. Next week, we’ll focus on motivation. Congratulations for sticking with the program.


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