The Ultimate Thing To Do To Win Thuli Phongolo’s Heart!

All girls have very specific ideas about what kind of men they want, and celebrities are no different. 

Take note guys! Thuli Phongolo also doesn’t differ from the rest, she only dates men who meet a strict requirement.

The gorgeous actress is one of the most desired and sought after women in Mzansi, you can imagine that she gets a lot of propositions from guys – both normal dudes and other celebrities.

Phongolo has some very strict rules about dating, and she’s not just going fall for the first guy who smiles at them.

Thuli Phongolo isn’t shy at all about her love for flowers, she always takes to her social media to point out that she wants a guy who will spoil her with flowers every week.

And judging by her Instagram page, we’re guessing that a lot of guys ask her out every day.

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