Nomzamo Mbatha Continues To Make SA Proud!

Everytime you think of beauty and brains, try to put Nomzamo Mbatha face to the picture. Nothing excites us even more in life like seeing beautiful woman raising the South African flag so high.

We are super proud of the beautiful, 28-year old who has accumulated so much success over the years . She has truly defied the ods and has proven to many that she is more than her looks. Mbatha has undeniably become a serious brand, not only in SA but globally.

“Hi world! 😆 I am Amsterdam bound with my UNHCR family to fulfill my Goodwill Ambassador duties as I continue to speak on my experiences and share insights on human displacement and how the global community can do more to assist us in providing and empowering.
I couldn’t be more grateful to @turkishairlines for standing hand in hand with us to make sure we reach all destinations across the globe. #WidenYourWorld“- – she wrote on her Instagram post today.

If you didn’t know by now, Nomzamo is not only an actress. She is a human rights activists who was appointed this year, 2019, by the UNHCR’s as a goodwill ambassador.

Girl, keep on making us proud. All the best!

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