Mzansi Attacks Babes Wodumo For Making Fun Of Lady Zamar

Nowadays when ever Babes Wodumo is on our social pages is never about anything positive. Just as Mzansi was getting ready to forgive her for her previous stunt, she goes and pulls another stunt that puts her negatively in the public eye. As woman we are suppose to stand up for each other and not bash each other.

Babes wodumo posted a video with her friends making fun of Lady Zamar skin because she has pimples. Mzansi was not pleased at all with her nasty remarks towards Lady Zamar and they told her were to get off. If she is not careful she is going to ruin her career before it even began. Even Lady Zamar give her a piece of her mind. Here is what Mzanzi had to say:

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