Meet Flo Ndlovu- Africa’s First Woman To Own A Pizza Franchise

Meet Flo Ndlovu- Africa’s First Woman To Own A Pizza Franchise! Florence Ndlovu , popularly known as Flo, owns a Rebels Pizza outlet in Tshwane and is set to take an even bigger slice of the market.

 The 35-year-old from Pretoria is proof that hard work really does pay off. Over the years, she has managed to save up enough money to make her dreams come true.

Flo has always wanted to own a pizza franchise. “It sure was a struggle because I initially didn’t have the funds but I never let go of my dreams. Instead, I worked for different companies over the years, gaining experience and saving money. I also refrained from cashing out my pension fund when I changed jobs.”

Eventually, Ndlovu had saved up R100 000. She resigned from her job, put down a deposit on a Rebels Pizza outlet in Middestad Mall and negotiated a payment plan. Four months ago, her sacrifice and dedication paid off when her first pizza was served to her first customer.

Although new-kid-on-the-block Rebels Pizza is relatively unknown, Ndlovu’s store attracts over 500 customers a week. Her business currently employs 13 young people from Pretoria and surrounding areas and she intends recruiting more as the business continues to grow.


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