Mbali Mlotshwa’s New Hairstyle Is So Cute… CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Mbali Mlotshwa hopped on this summer’s trend of “short hair, don’t care” and chopped off her hair. She posted a story to Instagram fluffing a textured, angled bob faux locks hairstyle, and it looks good.

Instead of a blunt long faux locks, Mbali opted for an asymmetrical bob, which gave her more length in the back, while the front pieces hit an inch below her chin. She parted the look on the side for added volume. Leave it to Enhle to add an entirely new twist to a style that’s been flooding our feeds since last year.

In fairness, Mbali Mlotshwa changes up her hair almost as frequently as she changes her outfits, though for the past days she’s been wearing it short. Historically, she’s experimented with almost every hairstyle from straight to natural hairĀ and has worn long hair to her waist, as well as shaved her head. Most recently, she was spotted in a dry curl .

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