Linda Mtoba Claps Back At An Instagram Troll

The soon to-be-mommy Linda Mtoba got attacked on Instagram for posting a picture of her helper, Emma the other day. Her followers were not pleased with her at all.

In the picture you can see Emma sorting out Linda’s clothes from her luggage after returning from her trip. She explains in her picture that she’s does not do her laundry and ironing, so Emma helps her with that.

The actress had no idea that a simple picture would cause so much tension. Linda explained to her followers that Emma is a very important part of her family and that this is not the first picture she has posted of Emma on her Instagram.

Linda made it very clear to her followers that she will not tolerate any rude behavior and that she will not feel bad about her post because there is nothing to feel bad about. All Linda was doing was advertising the “Day2sa” product and people made a big deal out of something that is not there. Here’s a little lowdown of what took place in the comment section on Instagram.

Phiwo_Nkala: ‘‘Emma this Emma that mnxxm uthi liyaphapha bongcwelengcwele be IG mina at this very moment I wish to be Emma ..!
I will be asking for pix everyday from my favorite ..!”

Linda_Mtoba: ‘‘@Phiwo_Nkala, I literally take pics of Emma all the time she’s on my snaps she likes it. She’s a part of my family and an important part at that, of course I’ll treat her like family. If it were my mom doing I would’ve done the same thing. Ppl like to regard those that help them in the home like they aren’t family. She’s my family.”

Igugu”Emma uses…….. was there a need?! 🤔 We still have a very long way to go bantu abamnyama!”

The above comment clearly irked Linda, check out her response.

Linda_Mtoba: ‘‘musa ukuphapha wena! Can you read ngoba it states how we both use it. Don’t reach for nonsense.”

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