Interview With The Founder Of Pre-Marriage Conversations, Onawanda Mpanza

Sista Mag had the opportunity to sit down with the brains behind Pre Marriage Conversations, Onawanda Mpanza, who gave us more insight into her awesome initiative that is set to break boundaries. Read on to get inspired…

1. Who is Onawanda Mpanza?

In a nutshell she is a passionate somebody that loves people and seeing them content but to further explain I am a writer, encourager, speaker, social activist, mom, wife and hectic visionary.

2. Please tell us more about your work?

I currently own and co-own some businesses (Woodit, Ambidextrous Empire, Revamp Doc and my heart project Pre marriage of course). Have gone on radio to do talks on pertinent issues, was involved in community initiatives since 14. I am very solution based so my whole life and businesses and future endeavors are solutions based.

3. You recently launch, Pre Marriage Conversations- tell us more about this initiative…

Pre Marriage Conversations literally began in the busses, lecture halls and the streets. On paper it began two years back but it has been in me for years, more a calling more than anything. As long as I can remember I have always had something to say about relationships, my observant always learning nature also comes into play. So Pre marriage conversations are conversations with heart and realness before you say I do or commit your life to a long term relationship.

4. How did this project come and who are you working with?

For the first event here in Durban I was working alone but people joined in along the way to help with planning and executing it on the day, will forever be grateful for their help. This year, I partnered with an awesome lady by the name of Phumelela Mashego MD of Sista Mag to plan the Johannesburg event. Day to day, I run and manage it.

5. If you weren’t married would you still do the talks?

Even if I wasn’t married I would still believe in this initiative because it is so crucial to be wise about who you let into your heart and space. It’s impossible to fully know who a person is but the more you know, the less surprises and the more fulfilling your life is. And it starts in loving yourself and your own company before allowing someone in.When you are whole and content you attract the same. Hence #Zithande being the theme for this years event.

6. What does Pre Marriage Conversations aim to achieve?

Inform, educate, allow healing and growth.

7. How can other couples or individuals get involved?

They can like the page Pre marriage conversations on Facebook and interact. Or contact me directly on my personal page for any advice or input, I am always willing to help.

8. What are the challenges you come across on a daily basis?

Managing time is the biggest challenge at the moment everyday.I believe in putting my all into everything I do but sometimes it feels like the day is so short.Often when I am online on social media it’s not only for fun but I am studying the trends,new opportunities,people I can collaborate with on certain projects etc so for me it’s always work and sometimes I login and can’t remember why I logged in because a thousand thoughts are running across my mind haha.

9. What advice would you give to young woman who want to step into the business world?

Be real, do what you love, don’t be apologetic about your dreams, be ready for anything and always prepare yourself for where you want to be one day by watching,reading,speaking to people that will give you guidance and hope for where you want to be even if it is an unrelated field.Lastly be your own motivator,feed your spirit good things that increase positive vibes for me it is the bible it gives wisdom for everything especially Proverbs.

10. How can people connect with you?

They can email me on for bookings or 0743144203 for further communication.

Reserve your seat HERE and be part of this years’ Pre-Marriage Conversation happening in Johannesburg. See below for more details: 

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