Fans React To Nandi Madida’s Plan To Get A Boob Job

We all have that one thing we don’t like about our bodies, and apparently, for Nandi Madida, her breasts are not making her happy right now. In a recent interview with Gareth on Cliff Central,  the TV personality says her breasts were the most affected by her pregnancy, and she has decided that she wants to get surgery.

“Do you know what’s funny, I was like: “No I’m never’ and then I saw my bobs…it’s on, I’m doing…oh yeah…” – Nandi replied when Gareth asked whether she would ever get a boob job.

“My boobs will never be the same, I use all of those chicken fillets every day of my life…I just want to go back to how I was, luckily I didn’t gain any weight but damn my boobs look sad,”- she added. 

And you all know how it goes down on social media…. Here’s how fans reacted Nandi Madida’s plan to get a boob job:

Agnes Sefoka There’s no problem with getting your body “fixed” as long as you’re honest about it and not telling the media that it’s how you’ve always looked when that’s clearly not the truth and misleading young girls that may be self conscious/ insecure and look up to you as a celebrity. As long as you remain body positive.

Thandile Málo Njombela Yaz rich people banamanyala😂😂😂

This is when you have too much money and you don’t know what to do with yourself ngoku you stand in the mirror like “Hmmm konje I can buy body parts, futhi nalamabele awile” as if giving birth was not supposed to change your body vele, anikafundi nangoku?

Alicia Thandiwe y dd she breastfeeding in the first place she should have given shaka a formula I dnt lyk breastfeeding ur breast becum teabags

Jean-ette Noge Wheee khohlwa Shaka mf2 no more breast milk kyokusiza uqale manje uphuze i formula nange skhambelele uzabe ungamoshanga


Phumlani Douglas Only one Kid nje usebona emoshakele mxm and my gf is also saying ingane izongimosha

Meisie F Walker There we go.. next thing she’ll be pulling a Mshoza on us with a funny looking face…

Ronnie Khumalo JC bloggers once compared Zakes’s lips to a washing machine.

Yakwa Zondi-Mkhize Ingelosi Nontokozo M with u der Mrs Madida,first thing I’ll do,when I have moola,my boobs r so sad…

Nele Eternity Why is it any of our business.. Its her body.. Her rules!

u’Sanele Khanyile She gonna be NANDI SILICONE 😊😊

Nomfanelo Ngubane 🎶Lord lift us up where we belong🎶

Siyasanga LK Mbolompo Then thina singenaphi?

ChumaNorooi WakwaNkala Ngwendu So unlike her hayi undiphonxile


Whats your take on Nandi’s plan to get a boob job? Do you think she should get one?

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