Fans Applaud Hulisani For Not Reacting To Psyfo’s Engagement

They say it takes time to get over someone you loved and spent most of your life with. It is even harder when you have to watch the very same person you thought you would spend the rest of your life with love someone else. It cuts real deep.

When Hulisani Ravele and Psyfo broke up, a lot of people were hurt by it, not only hurt but very confused because they where together for a very long time, to a point people thought that they would get married.

Then ofcourse, Psyfo proposed to his girlfriend last week.

To no surprise, Hulisani got dragged and many thought she would react to the news but she’s been so caught up in her work and her fans are very proud of her for the way she has dealt with the news.

Talk about class and elegance…

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