Don’t change to fit fashion, make fashion fit you!

By Freddy South Africa 

August is Women’s Month, dedicated to celebrating the powerful women that have made society what it is today, and the ones united in moving our country forward. In case you hadn’t heard, “The Future Is Female”, and there’s no doubt about the role women play in society’s future.

As powerful women, no matter our background, ethnicity, age or shape, it’s important to remind each other and ourselves that we are perfect in one way or another. Only when we can accept ourselves and stop looking for flaws, can we truly be comfortable in our own skin and reach our full potential.

However, that’s no easy feat and often we need a little extra help to boost our confidence. You know, the kind of confidence that comes from wearing your favourite red lipstick, or perhaps the best confidence of all, when you find the greatest pair of pants that make your bum and legs look like they’ve been moulded by Michelangelo – that’s what Freddy calls the #PerfectFit.

Freddy has established itself through its patented WR.UP technology, ensuring clothing is engineered to underline a women’s best shape. Special seams, a silicone membrane and striking cuts, means support that models and holds the bum and thighs, guaranteeing a result so incredible that you’ll be walking backwards into every room.

If you happen to skip leg day, or haven’t seen the inside of a gym since the 90’s, you can leave the house knowing you’ve been given a little lift and tuck – with minimal effort. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall and skinny, pear shaped, hourglass or whatever shape society classes you as, with a pair of Freddy’s you’re guaranteed to be the best version of yourself.

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