David Tlale Dines In Luxury In Celebration Of 15 Years Of His Brand

Following a highly successful 2017, SA’s top fashion designer David Tlale hosted an exclusive All Black Private Dinner for 30 specially selected guests in celebration of 15 years of the David Tlale brand, this past Thursday, November 30th, at Mercedes Benz Bedfordview.

Hosted by the designer himself, guests were welcomed with Tlale’s signature Courvoisier Noir cocktail and sat down to a fine dining three-course experience, paired with the knowledge of a recent trip to Jarnac in the cognac region in France and the notes of Courvoisier’s top collections.

On what inspired the dinner, Tlale said, “Looking at 15 years of the David Tlale brand and the partnerships that grew out of it, I have a newfound appreciation for the integrity of time and the fact that all good things take time.”

“In a day and age where everything is rushed, from instant messages to fast food, this private dinner was a reminder that luxury isn’t what you pay for, but what you decide to gift yourself with. The night was about taking the time to enjoy something special, to enjoy good food, good cognac, and good style. David Tlale and the partnerships with Courvoisier and Mercedez Benz is testament to the luxury that comes from investing time into something special.”


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