Asanda Foji Shows Off Her Killer Dance Moves

Asanda Foji Shows Off Her Killer Dance Moves.

Former Generations’ actress Asanda Foji proved to her 292k Instagram followers  that she is not only about acting, but is also a great dancer. The sexy actress recently posted a video wearing a tight black jean and crop top while performing some killer dance moves.

“My Fridays💃…. Is it true actors can’t dance🤔???! Don’t try these at home, you know moes😜! Life is too short, live a little! As long as you are in your own space and not hurting nobody you’re good sis💫. More videos coming this year, stay tuned…” – she wrote. 


“My Fridays💃… No man it can’t be! The rumour is a lie, we can also dance… My arms do all the killing here🙆🏻‍♀️
Don’t try these at home guys, please, very very difficult🙆🏻‍♀️😅.. I’m a mother and still soo much fun, I’m a wife to be and still got life in me, I’m a Prayer Warrior and I still know I’m human… Life’s too short to be keeping serious all the time, looking at people being happy🤷‍♀️. Have fun, have fun, have fun😉. Definitely posting more videos, stay tuned…”

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