Anele Mdoda Shares Picture Of Beyonce Holding Her Hand During A Performance

Anele Mdoda’s encounter with beyonce Is all the motivation you need to get through the week. Anele Mdoda has taken things up a notch by sharing a picture of Beyonce holding her hand during a performance. We know Anele is a huge Beyonce fan but we weren’t expecting this one.

The talk show host and radio presenter got a chance to share a beautiful moment.with her favourite singer. How amazing? We are so jealous right now!

She shared the picture with this text: “Remember the time Beyoncé held my hand as she sang If I were a boy in Atlantic City ?

These are not lies guys, take a closer look….


Beyonce isn’t afraid to show a little bit of love to her fans.

What a lucky fish! Anele can you give us some tips?




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