Alexandra Not-So-BLANC

“BLANC is the thrill of the unknown on a clean white page, the endless possibilities of a blank canvas. It is stillness with a touch of madness. It’s just a piece of clothing… and it is one’s expression of self. It is what you make it to be.”

Alexandra Blanc is nothing short of an ordinary woman with extraordinary muse. She has gone from being a regular girl with a vision while studying at the Cape Town Peninsula University of Technology to being the vision at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and since the launch of her first collection under her new label, this futuristic artist is often asked about the collection namely TRANS and its unisex element. Well here’s the low down on her fresh and crispy take on fashion.

Appropriate to its name, TRANS, derived from the prefix of “transcendence” meaning to go beyond, the concept goes beyond the gender issue. It’s reflective of her personal journey of her life up to this point, exploring the concept of fluidity and thought it to be appropriate to extend it to gender as well where she questions social constructs and traditional views.

TRANS, the Spring/Summer 2015 collection showcased at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week a few weeks back, explores transcendence, perception versus reality, going beyond the boundaries of what we are told and the limitations of what we think we know. To the surface, comes a vision that is devoid of traditional constructs of society, a liquefaction of standardisation, and the liberation of self.

And undoubtedly she has definitely managed to murder the stigma that lurked behind society’s conventions as she elegantly breaks the rules and explores the possibilities that lie beyond these limitations. We’ll certainly be sitting at the edge of our seats waiting for her next collection which we trust will be nothing less than a wow factor.

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