5 Ways to Look as Flawless as Boity Every Day

It’s a fact, Boity Thulo look so flawless and she is slaying real hard. We are so envious of her and we can’t hide the fact that we’d love to look as gorgeous as she does.

Want to know how Boity Thulo always looks so damn good? Here are 10 secrets to looking as flawless as Boity everyday.


Boity has gorgeous , healthy looking skin. Boity said that she drinks tons of water and this helps to keep her skin glowing. “Water, water, water and more water. Hydrate and hydrate – hydration is your skin’s best friend. It’s very tough for your skin to survive very dry conditions.” “Lemon water – it does wonders! I drink that a lot,” says Boity. Lastly, never forget to apply sunscreen.


Boity cleanses, exfoliates, tones and moisturises her face daily, as this helps her skin stay super hydrated, all day. She once shared a nightly beauty secret in the form of a homemade Spirulina mask, which is said to be excellent for the skin! For pimples, she uses tea tree oil to dry the zits out and keep the skin clean.


Boity’s sexy bod has had Mzansi drooling for years now. Who could ever forget the time when her bum broke the Internet after she posed for the Marie Claire ‘Nude Issue’?. She credits her killer body to “a good work out”, which is at least three times a week. Boity follows a strict eating plan that consists of lots of proteins and veggies.


Boity has once said that coconut oil is “her best friend” and during her stint as the former IMAN cosmetics ambassador, she credited the IMAN skincare range to her natural looking make up.


One look at the fashionista’s Instagram account and it’s plain to see that the star’s style game is strong. Boity is not afraid to push the fashion envelope and we love that she is confident enough within herself to have fun with the outfits she puts together. As she herself says ‘own your throne’!

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