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5 Ways To Choosing The Right Path In Life

Sometimes it’s challenging to think of taking a road less traveled, even if it feels like your road, simply because it’s a little lonelier there…It can be disconcerting to branch out on that unknown path, especially when others don’t ‘get it’, or if they think it’ll lead to nowhere.

There is no clear cut answer to that question, but there are some ways to get you pointed in the right direction. These 5 steps will help you fine tune your success compass and start heading in the direction of your dreams.

Move Directly In The Direction Of Fear And Self-Doubt

Fear and self-doubt get a bad rap. If you’re pursuing something that doesn’t scare you it’s not worth your time. The more you feel like an impostor, the more you feel terrified, and the more you doubt yourself, the more likely you’re on the right track.

You don’t need to conquer fear. You can build a symbiotic relationship with it. Your fear will fuel you. The action you take will create even larger challenges in the future that you’ll be more terrified of. The cycle will continue and over time you and fear will become friends.


You think all of the time, but it’s distracted, unfocused thinking. Blocking out time to do nothing else but think can lead to some serious discoveries. Bill Gates goes on a two week retreat every year just to think. Maybe you can start with 30 minutes — to be alone with your thoughts and work through the choices you want to make for your future.

Interview Ten People Who Are Already Doing What You Want To Do

To see what it’s really like. Sometimes what you imagine and what’s real are completely different. You may have a conversation with one of these people and realize you actually don’t want to pursue that path. Ask them the right questions. Ask them about the struggles associated with following that path. Ask them how they knew this path was right for them. Ask them what they would do if they were you.

Go Outside and Look At The Stars At Night

Drive out to the country at night and spend an hour looking at the stars. While you’re looking at them, think about the vastness of the universe. It will make you feel small and insignificant. Sometimes we’re so worried about making the wrong choices because they seem so important. But the reality is that nothing you do here really “matters,” and the universe doesn’t care about you anyways.

Start With What You Hate

Your friendly neighborhood success guru will tell you to find something you love to do and pursue your passion. How about using the process of elimination instead? What do you hate? What type of life or career path do you definitely not want go down? You’d think people would consider this before choosing a career but it doesn’t always work out that way. If you hate structure and discipline, don’t work at a company with strict guidelines. If you hate sitting behind a cubicle find a way to work from home.

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