10 Tips for Being More Positive In Life

Staying positive in life or at work is easier said than done. It is a conscious decision that you have to make on a daily basis. Positivity is about believing in the power of support and confidence, and having faith that things will always get better.

Here are a few ways how to be more positive, and return to your baseline of happiness very quickly:

Practice positivity. By this, I’m talking about actively weaving positive activities into your life to little by little, change your mindset. Just the way a photographer eventually starts seeing the world in pictures, there are things we can all do to eventually see the world in a positive light.

Surround yourself with positive influences. Find people who believe in you and your dreams. Seek out others who make your spirit feel full and lifted. The other people who bring you down? Decide for yourself if they really have a place in your life. If they don’t, have the courage to move on. For the record, anyone who makes you feel like crap about yourself does not have a place in your life.

Set goals. Having goals to work towards can make us more positive. When we feel stagnant and unconfident, it’s a lot easier to see the bad parts of life. Start small, and remind yourself of all the great things you can accomplish. We love goals here at TNC and, have quite an archive of posts on goal-setting, if you’re interested.

Challenge negative thoughts with positive ones. Negative thoughts are the very foundation of negativity and they can seem hard to avoid or erase. But negativity is all about mindset and mindset is all about creating habits. Whenever you think something negative, try to search for the bright side of the situation. Eventually it will feel like second nature. Also, this article is a wonderful resource for getting started and for understanding what positivity is in general.

Smile. Simple enough, right? There are actually studies that have proven that just cheesin’ it up can make you happier and more optimistic.

See the positives, see the good. Nothing says that you can’t feel emotions, but if you step back, count slowly to ten before you do anything and then choose to see the bright side, the hidden blessings, the lessons and the opportunities, then you will not be so easily swayed by things that happen.

Be a mirror. You don’t have to take on other people’s negativity. Deflect it by choosing to remain happy! Avoid getting sucked into conversations that talk about negative situations or negative people. You can just say, “Let’s not make any rash judgments. Let’s meditate on what happened and talk about it later.” Later might not happen!

Eat healthy. Recently, I’ve been eating healthier and drinking a lot of smoothies packed with nutrients and veggies. I can’t think of anything else to describe my recent mood besides blissful. It is honestly almost odd. I just feel really great each and every day.

Listen to music that gives off the same mood you want to be in. Consider both the tone and type of music and also whether it brings back positive memories from the past. Music is indescribably powerful and using its voodoo magic to brighten up my day has always helped me immensely.

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