10 Times Zodwa Wabantu And Her Son Stole Our Hearts!

10 Times Zodwa Wabantu And Her Son Stole Our Hearts! Despite being SA’s hottest entertainer , Zodwa Wabantu is proving to many of us that her best thing in life is being a mother to her 13-year-old son, Vuyo .

Zodwa and her son, have a strong relationship, they make the most cutest mother-son duo. We are absolutely inlove!

So, we’ve put together for you 10 best moments of Zodwa Wabwantu and her son that we cannot get over.


When Zodwa was advising her son to stay in school.

When Zodwa was annoying her son.

When Zodwa had that Boarding School conversation with her son.

When Zodwa and her son were jamming to AKA’s songs.

When Zodwa was telling her son that he needs to get a job once he’s in grade 10.

When Zodwa had the girl talk with her son.

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