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10 Shocking Truths About What It’s Really Like To Be A Slay Queen

First of all, who is a slay queen? A slay queen is a young lady (or gentleman) that gives people a hard time breathing because of how good they look. Basically, their life on and off social media is so fabulous that it’s completely difficult to contain. You just can’t…! They look good in almost everything they wear, and attract so much attention in the process.

Here are 10 Shocking Truths About What It’s Really Like To Be A Slay Queen:

1. A slay queen would rather sleep hungry but don the latest lace weave or wig and have perfect gel polish on her “sexy” nails.

2. Slay queens sleep in their heels. No catching them in low life kind of shoes like flats! She will strut to a polling stationwith her six inches and in one of her feel good days, she will daringly go out wearing stilettos of different colours to pull that blue and red heels stunt pulled by international celebs!

3. The broke slay queens, who are the majority by the way, only take these photos at their rich friends’ place and at big malls only. You will see them with safety belts on “driving their cars” on Parking mode.

4. They create a false impression on social media that they balling big time yet most of them are jobless.

5. A slay queen has to pout her mouth or twist it or just stick out her tongue when taking photos.  Their legs have to be twisted in photos, you would think she is suffering from rickets or polio. They call it swag. The slay queens’ constitution, photo session, also says that she must try her level best to show both her glam face and “big sexy” behind in all the photos.

6. Additionally, she has to go to all length to get the perfect shot for the day, be it to climb a rooftop, hug a transformer or hop into the next airport-bound bus to take a photo at the international departure terminal and hop back to their slum house immediately after! It is a hustle, my friend!

7. You cannot qualify as a slay queen if you do not party like an animal. A serious slay queen has at least puked at all the washrooms of the clubs in town, and taken photos while at it! A slay queen knows how most if not all wines and whiskeys brands taste if not pretending to! She knows where it is happening this Friday and has to be there by hook or crook, ready to take the best IG photo!

8. Being a bimbo and a slay queen go hand in hand. A slay queen must have her blonde moments, it is just a part of who she is. It is one quality they share with socialites.

9. These queens take photos and post them from when they wake up to when they retire on their king size beds. The photos are heavily edited with filters to create perfect and flawless looks until you meet her face to face and realise she has this big scar on her neck because she started slaying around hot water at age two! A slay queen’s life revolves around videos on WhatsApp status and IG stories on Instagram.

10. Slay queens live for social media. In fact, without social media slay queens have no purpose. However, social media is all about seeking attention and on this, you have to take center stage. Seek attention in a classy way though. Attack other queens, you feel don’t deserve the attention they have. People will start following you, then talk about you then you’ll have their attention. And then, you’ll slay them!

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