10 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

If you’re ready to take the plunge and go natural, We can help! Here are 10 easy tips to enhance natural beauty. So, Let’s get started!

1. Exfoliate the face
With proper exfoliation, you can ensure your skin is polished and luminous. Normal skin types can exfoliate 2-3 times per week, while more sensitive skin should do 1-2 times per week. Choose an exfoliator with good-for-you ingredients that will not only leave skin fresh, but smelling great too.

2. Exfoliate the lips
Bet you didn’t think your lips needed exfoliation, but to ensure a flawless face and to bring out your natural lip pigment, exfoliate your lips at the same time as your face. Use a Clarisonic ($195, or even just a toothbrush to get rid of dead cells to reveal smooth, kissable lips.

3. Get rid of under-eye bags
The eyes tell a lot about your health and well-being, so to enhance your natural beauty and go bare faced, try resting with cucumber slices or green tea bags over your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Even though these are everyday products, they can help reduce inflammation and puffiness.

4. Choose a BB Cream
Instead of wearing heavy foundations or feeling self-conscious about having absolutely nothing on, choose a tinted, ultra-lightweight BB Cream, like Naila MD Suncare BB Créme ($40.95, You’re getting skincare benefits like SPF with the perfect amount of sheer coverage.

5. Put a smile on.

It’s no secret that smiling makes you seem warm and inviting to other people, which can help how they see you. But it turns out you may even get the same benefits by looking in a mirror and smiling at yourself.

6. Drink Water

Don’t roll your eyes. Maybe you knew this was coming, but it has to be said. Dehydration makes wrinkles more apparent and keeps your body from doing the things it needs to do.

Drink water slowly throughout the day, every day. If you try to compensate by chugging a gallon of water after dinner, you won’t absorb it all (and you’ll have to get up to go pee while you should be getting your beauty sleep!).

7. Sweat It Out

About 20% of the body’s elimination occurs through perspiration. Keep things circulating by sweating. Sit in a sauna, exercise, or do both!

Bikram yoga, cycling, or going for a jog are great ways to work up a sweat. Do whichever suits you! Make sure to wash your face before working out, especially if you wear makeup. When you sweat, your pores open up and invite whatever’s around to come hang out. A.k.a., your makeup, dirt, and the other remnants of your day. Shower right after you work out to avoid reabsorbing everything you just sweat out.

8. Wear Sunblock

Natural beauties avoid the sun, and if they can’t, they use a good sunblock, one that offers SPF 30 broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection. Why? Sunlight causes wrinkles, sun spots, and worse, cancer! My favorite sunscreen is Philosophy’s Sunny Girl… try it! You’ll love it, and your skin will thank you.

9. Wash before Bed

Even though you’re not wearing makeup during the day, it’s still important to keep your skin healthy, and enhance your natural beauty, by washing away the dirt and pollution from the day before bed at night. Again, Purity Made Simple by Philosophy is a great gentle cleanser.

10. Be Natural from the inside out!

You are what you eat, so if you’re always munching on junk food, it’s time to change your diet to enhance your natural beauty! Opt for fresh fruits and veggies rather than sweets and salty crisps, and be sure to drink plenty of water rather than sugary soda. Another tip? Avoid greasy fried foods and caffeine, which depletes your hydration at an alarming rate. There! More beautiful already, inside and out!


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